Kicking Off The Summer In Zions

Having our headquarters located in Utah comes with some bonuses. We may not have the ocean but we do have a couple of unbelievable National Parks. That leaves us with a number of pretty epic places to choose from when picking locations for photoshoots. This summer we decided to kick it off in Zions National Park, home of soaring red cliffs, rock formations that look like they're straight out of mars, and what looks pools those mermaids from Peter Pan live in. 
It was a really short trip. We drove down early in the morning, shot on site, and then drove right back up. Zions is located in the southern region of Utah so the drive is long. About 5 hours from headquarters to be specific. But it was totally worth it. We were able to bring Brolin Taylor, our in house photographer, and catch Julia Overbey and Rachel Noe who were both road tripping across the country. They were only in Utah for about a day and a half so lucked out being able to catch them while they were here. 
We were only there for about two hours but we had a blast. Julia, Rach, and Brolin are all veterans so shooting was a breeze which left a lot of opportunity to take in the beauty that surrounded us. The only problem we had was trying not to laugh long enough to get a good shot. Julia (@juliaoverbey) and Rachel (@rachnoe) are both full-time models who use their IG stories to be part time comedians. Check them out when you have a second and you'll see what we mean. 
Here's just some of the shots we got. You can shop all of the suits online in our shop.