SOOOOO...Hawaii. Need we say more? Sunshine straight from heaven, white sandy beaches that stretch for miles, crystal blue water, the perfect balance between warmth and breeze, swimmies for days and food. Can't forget about the food. It's been a month since we've been home and it's taken a minute to get a blog post together because we've been so busy with editing the photos we got and preparing for our biggest trade shows. But here we are. A little late but here. 
We mainly went out there to shoot all of our 2019 swim which we are dyyyying to show you but obviously can't (yet). But we made sure to bring our 2018 swim with us as well and so we'll at least be able to give you a small taste of what went down while we are there. But just a small taste. Because as proud as we are of 2018, 2019 is our current obsession and it was the main star of this trip. 
A few of our team members either grew up in Hawaii or lived there for a while so we knew our way our Oahu preeeeettttyyy well and hit up all of our favorite spots which put us on a reeealllyy tight schedule. We probably got up at 4am on at least half of the days we were there. Lol yeah. At least we got to see almost every sunrise though right? Like hello, how do you complain when you're in paradise. The one thing we will complain about, however, are the cockroaches. If you're not familiar, cockroaches in Hawaii are like 2 inches long and fly and some how one of them got into our car and we didn't notice it till we were driving in the dark at 11pm at night and it was pouring rain. Yeah. Yet here we are today. Not surviving but thriving. Can we get an amen? 
Okay enough with the chit chat. Hope you enjoy looking at these pics as much as we did taking them.