Our Story 

Kingdom & State is a luxury, female-led, sustainable women’s swimwear line named after our UK origins and our new US home. Tan France founded K&S in London in 2011 and has since made his entertainment breakthrough as the star of Netflix’s Queer Eye and Next in Fashion. While we are settled in - and love - our new home, we honor our European roots by offering a wide range of classic silhouettes, unique hand-selected recycled textiles, and innovative designs for a wide range of bodies (All 2021 styles are available in sizes XS - 3XL). Our classic must-have bathing suits are timeless and accessible… and we never compromise quality.

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Sustainable Fabrics 

Kingdom & State swimwear is consciously designed, beginning with our sourcing & materials. We use deluxe recycled nylon certified by Control Union, the Global Standard for Recycling. The chemical processing used for these high-quality recycled fibers is stable, reliable, and reduces Carbon Emissions by over 23%.

You may notice that we utilize a small percentage of Lycra in our swimwear to keep the materials flexible. The all-important stretch required for swimwear is not a naturally-occurring fiber and does not currently exist in a recycled variant. We share this with you in an effort to achieve total transparency.

When it comes to dyeing our materials, the method we use generates 85% less water, 64% less electric power, 86% less steam, and produces 84% less Carbon Emissions than traditional dyeing methods. Our Color Fastness Grade consistently scores 0.5 - 1.0 grade better than traditionally-dyed fabrics when tested in water, sea water, acid, alkali, washing, and for abrasion resistance. So you can sunbathe happily knowing that your swimsuit will truly last for years.

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Ethical Production 

As consumers with a passion for sustainability & equality, you deserve honesty. And we have nothing to hide. We are a family-owned company, designing all of our styles here in the USA. We speak daily with our ethical overseas manufacturer, working closely to ensure the highest quality for your swimwear and - more importantly - to know that all workers are of an appropriate working age, paid fair wages, and are working in safe conditions. We seek to reduce the negative effects of manufacturing by treating all with respect & dignity.

Our manufacturers are certified by WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production). This certification ensures safe & humane working environments, fair wages paid in a timely manner, reasonable working hours/workloads, proper protective gear & training is always provided, and clean drinking water always available. It also means that there is no child or forced labor, no discriminatory practices, and employees are offered reliable long-term employment (as a bonus, our manufacturers also ensure that just as many women occupy management roles as men).

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Nothing is better than those happy mail days when your swimsuit arrives. Except maybe happy packages delivered in 100% recyclable poly mailers, made from 100% recycled materials. Even our new wet bags are made from recycled materials. From start to finish, we want our processes and textiles to be as clean and efficient as possible. We are also currently working on transitioning to paper mailers and sustainable algae ink. We will continue to improve wherever we can and be transparent with every step.   

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